We help owner operators make more money, running less miles

Get access to thousands of high paying loads using our dispatch system - in less than 7 days!

Top market loads using the power of AI.

We help owner operators escape the competition on load boards like DAT and TruckStop by leveraging the power of AI. It's a new, untapped method of finding high paying loads that offers huge opportunity for the early adopters. That's how we make our owner operators win.

Average rate-per-loaded-mile increase: 32%

We only work with semi trucks. No box trucks, no cargo vans.

We are a specialist dispatch company that works only with semi truck owner operators – and only in the USA. We do not work with any other equipment type or in any other country. We use our patented dispatch system to locate and book the highest paying loads for our owner operators.

Average cost-per-mile reduction: 21%

Complete back-office paperwork support.

We offer the most complete back-office support system in the country.Our owner operators never have to stress about getting paid on time, tracking load revenue, staying compliant with FMCSA, and much, MUCH more.

Average cost-per-sale reduction: 65%

Interested in working with us? Here's what it looks like.

Watch our free case study video. See if you qualify.

Watch our free case study video to make sure you and we can work together – click here now to find out.

Schedule your dispatch

strategy session.

You then book a call using the online calendar that’s presented to you. We'll present our strategy to you.

Onboarding & booked loads within 7 days.

That’s basically it. We turn on our dispatch system and make you money. There’s no better time than now – so click here and let’s start.

Our customer results speak for themselves. Take a look.

Aero Trucking

"We never thought a dispatching company would work this great. It's has completely saved us." - Aliyah

Xpress Logistics

"My trucking company was struggling. I had tried everything. I almost sold my truck and in 1 month, I'm breaking records!" - Damon

Road Runner Transport

"These guys are legit. They are true load board masters. If you're on the fence. Just go for it!" - Justin

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only provide a dispatching service?

No! We not only provide high quality dispatching using the power of technology and AI; we also provide accounting/bookkeeping, after-hours assistance, operations and account management, safety and legal services, and compliance paperwork support.

For our enterprise plan, we also provide direct shipper leads and a truck driver recruiting service that will expand your trucking business into a mega fleet!

Do I need my own MC/DOT to work with you?

Yes. Our team of experienced dispatchers will work on your behalf, under your MC/DOT, to complete broker packets, book high paying loads, and manage any back-office activities.

Why don’t you work with box trucks, cargo vans, and hotshots?

Our dispatchers go through rigorous training to specialize in one specific type of equipment: semi trucks.

By only focusing on semi trucks, we've been able to develop an extremely effective dispatch system that allows us to source and book the highest paying loads for our owner operators. Since the box truck, cargo van, and hotshot market is completely different, our dispatch system won't be able to generate the same results.

How do I get paid for the loads I deliver?

After completing each load, we will either invoice and bill the broker directly on your behalf or we'll send the invoice to our factoring partner (your choice).

With the broker option, you will have to wait roughly 30-90 days to get paid directly by the broker (our accounts receivable team will track and follow up on your behalf). However, we will invoice you every week for our services.

With the factoring option, you will have to wait roughly 1-5 days to get paid directly by the factoring company and the factoring company will also directly pay our percentage from the total load revenue.

How much can I expect to make each month?

There are so many factors that go into estimating load revenue such as miles driven, external market conditions, days available to work, truck/trailer downtime, etc.

However, broadly speaking, here's the formula we use to calculate your revenue:

average per-mile rate * average # of loaded miles per week = total weekly gross revenue

So, for example: $2.85 per mile * 3,500 miles = $9,975 per week

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee. If we don't perform, you don't pay. Simple as that.

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